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Real Life Kids

Our Vision:

Reaching the world for Jesus one child at a time.

Our Mission:

Creating biblical disciples in a relational environment.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Reverse Advent Calendar

"Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." 2 Corinthians 9:17

It’s that time of year again when children have a long list of all the gifts they hope to see under the Christmas tree. However, there are many families in our community who can’t afford to purchase food let alone gifts for their children. This year Real Life Kids team is doing a Serve Project with our Preschool and Elementary Kids where the focus shifts away from ourselves and is placed onto God and our community. You are invited to take part in this Serve Project. This Reverse Advent Packet which you received includes a calendar with an item you can donate per day, and a daily devotion to do as a family. The items can be dropped off at the Thrift Stores starting January 2nd. All 24 items on the calendar may be purchased at the Dollar Store and some at Walmart for under a dollar. The goal of the Serve Project is to help your child discover it is better to give then to receive. What would the next generation look like if they learned this concept and gave more to others than they received? This one serve project won’t change a generation. However, by teaching your children to put others first, not just during the holiday season but throughout the year, we can see generations being changed through this one simple act of generosity. Please know that we are not expecting you to spend a lot of money, and if this is something your family can’t afford to do, you may donate just a few of the items. If your family chooses not to participate in the donation part, please consider doing the Daily Family Devotions. These devotions are short enough that you could do them while your children eat breakfast, in the car, or around the dinner table. This gives you the opportunity as parents or guardians to go deeper with your children and teach them about the love of Christ.


Thank you,

Aimee Walsh

Kid’s Ministry Leader





Daily Donations Schedule


RAC Serve Program


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December 1st
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Read: Genesis 22:1-19

Questions to ask your family:

1.What things in your life are you putting before God?

2.In the bible story you just read Abraham was willing to sacrifice his own son because he trusted God enough to do what he said. How can you trust God more in your life?

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Our Purpose

Real Life Kids exists to come alongside parents as they begin to disciple their children. The average parent has 3000 hours in a given year to influence the life of their child. The church only has 40 hours to influence the lives of those same children. If we work together with parents there is potential to make a greater impact than working alone. 
Our Mission is accomplished by:
  • Helping parents disciple their children.
  • Creating an irresistible environment for kids.
  • Building relationships with kids.


 We don't have a lesson plan for our Nursery, but we are still able to show them the love of Christ through our dedicated volunteers modeling kindness, patience,and sharing of God's word. We often have Veggie Tales playing in the background as they play with each other. There are puzzles, coloring books, a slide, and plenty of toys for them to play with. Most importantly, there are loving volunteers to encourage and comfort your little ones while you are in service.


        If you have a little one that isn't ready to come back into Kids Ministry or if you are nursing your little one, we offer a space in our nursery to accommodate this. We have rocking chairs to rock your baby, as well as the sermon to watch on the T.V.

Cute Baby Boy
Girls in Painting Class

AGES 2 & 3
AGES 4 - 6

 This is the place where we begin to lay the foundation as they grow to learn more about Christ. We strive to let them know that God loves them and He wants to be their friend.

They are able to play with others, and learn that sharing  is important. At this age we are provided with many opportunities to do just that. 

     We try to make it a fun learning environment where the kids leave feeling loved and eager to come back the next week.


Our 1st - 5th class is where kids not only get to worship in their own classroom but they also get to go into the main sanctuary and worship with the whole congregation at least once a month. We use Konnect curriculum in class and they watch a video that includes a Bible story with small group time to follow. In small group they are asked questions about the story and how they can apply those lessons learned to their everyday lives. This is a place where we strive to have fun while providing them with the boundaries that they need. 



  Real Life Kids offers parents resources at our Parent Resource wall. There are books available to purchase about how to parent your child through each phase of their lives. There are free resources available on the wall as well. In the Fall we offer a Family Home Group led by John and Charity Cook. This is a great way to connect with other parents also trying their best to disciple their children. To stay connected with all things Kids Ministry related, like us on Facebook. For more information on the Parenting Classes  that we offer, contact Aimee Walsh, our RLKids Leader, at (208) 682-4801.

Children in Indoor Playground

The Discovery Zone

The Discovery Zone indoor play structure, with an I-click interactive play pad is free to use and open to the community! 

**Please remember to bring socks for your kiddos and snacks and drinks can be enjoyed in the lobby